About Allan J. Goody, MD

Allan J. Goody (C’92, M’96, R’00) was a eleven when he found out he needed a kidney transplant. A key moment that steered him towards becoming a physician but in no way defined him. Many of his closest colleagues never knew about his ailment and he was determined to never get special treatment.

Alan studied and worked at Georgetown for more than 20 years. He attended Georgetown for medical school, Internal medicine residency as well as a Nephrology fellowship. He started his own private practice the year he became an Assistant professor, he volunteered weekly at a free clinic in Arlington, and won numerous teaching awards – so many that there is now a faculty award in his name.

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He passed away in 2011. His father John said that “Allan derived huge satisfaction from working with students and young doctors,” Allan’s parents, John and Diane Goody, hope to ensure Allan’s love of teaching continues at Georgetown. Support of this bedside initiative, the Allan J. Goody Bedside Medicine Series, is just one of the ways they are ensuring we at Georgetown University stay true to Allan’s mission and example.

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